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Showcase your skills, whether you are a teacher, researcher, writer, programmer, animators, field surveyor, engineer, etc.

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Tutorial Services and Trainings

Do you want your child to learn and feel at home at the same time, or are you planning to conduct seminar for your team and school? We can send our teachers/ trainers/ speakers straight to your house ! We offer Home base tutorial and Online Tutorial sessions & Seminars.

Website and Mobile applications Development, Game Development, and 3D Film Animations

Are you looking for consistent and reliable programmers for your website and mobile application projects for your business, or you want to create a 3D games or a 3D animation film? We can manage your project.

Research Writing and Field Survey

Are you having problems with your Thesis / Research? We can help you from writing your Research to conducting field survey!

Services Options

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Kinder to Grade 9

Option 1: 2 hours

Option 2: 20 hours

Option 3: 30 hours

Grade 10 to College

Option 1: 2 hours

Option 2: 20 hours

Option 3: 30 hours


Option 1: 2 hours

Option 2: 20 hours

Option 3: 30 hours

Company Trainings and School Seminar

Option 1: 3-4 hours

Option 2: 1 whole day

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